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The weakest link game is best known for the sentence "you are the weakest link goodbye". Anyone who ever saw or played the UK version of the weakest link game show will remember the chilling way Ann Robinson, the host of the game show, says this goodbye sentence.

Developed by comedy writers, the weakest link game show tried out a completely new concept of being nasty and even vicious to the game show contestants. Usually TV game shows like the weakest link try to be very nice to the contestants, even when they make a fool of themselves, with who wants to be a millionaire as the best example, so this was a bold move for the game show producers, and a move that definitely paid off.

The weakest link game was exported to many countries all over the world, where the local producers tried very hard to find someone as nasty as Ann Robinson to play the weakest link game host. Viewers love to see the players scolded, but this is probably not something you would enjoy if you actually had to play the weakest link game on TV.

The weakest link online game has tried to copy the bad attitude of the game show host, but it is just not the same. There is no humiliation involved in having a computer voice scold you over the internet so when you play the weakest link online game you are pretty much playing just another online trivia game with general knowledge questions.

Still for people who love to play the weakest link online game, nothing can be better then hearing that infamous sentence played back at them by a virtual game show host: "you are the weakest link, goodbye".

There is no decent version of "The weakest link" game online, with sufficient database of good trivia questions and options to play for fun or money against other players, but you can check our "Play the weakest links" page for more resources, or play any of Trivia Mania TV styled game shows, which are available both at the free version, and for money & cash prizes. Both versions require no download. A new game might be added there soon: Duel game



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